Sveti Stefan island, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan island, Montenegro

The dream of many travelers has been finally fulfilled: the amazing island-hotel Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) is now open to visitors with a local guide.

The island of Sveti Stefan is a unique creation of nature and man, which attracts millions of tourists annually from all over the world. A small island, built up by ancient houses with bright tiled roofs and connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, is a visiting card of Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan is also one of the most expensive hotels in the world; the price per room starts at 2000 euros per night. The island is quite popular among wealthy tourists, politicians, actors, singers, artists, athletes and various celebrities. Some quite famous actors spent a few nights here (Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Kirk Douglas, among others) and even members of the British royal family. Guests of this unique hotel enjoy the well preserved atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The first stone houses, as well as a small church dedicated to St. Stefan, were built here in the 15th century, and the inhabitants surrounded the island with a fortress wall. All of these buildings have survived to this day.

Despite the fact that the island is a closed resort, which means that those who do not rent here apartments cannot be on its territory, excursions there are nevertheless allowed. This means that you could eventually be able to go inside and take a quick peak.