Cincşor, Transylvania, Romania

In the 12th century the Saxon ‪settlers‬ have reached the foothill of ‪Făgăraş‬ Mountains. Among others they built here the village of Kleinschenk‬ ‪(Cincşor‬), which had a great strategic role due to its location on the banks of the river ‪‎Olt‬. Because the inhabitants had to bare many cruel‬ ‪attacks‬ for ‪centuries‬, they have built the ‪church‬ in the middle of the ‪village‬ and gradually ‪fortified‬ it. For this purpose they have used even the stones from a former ‪roman‬ ‎military‬ camp, which was once located on a nearby hill. The church still preserves its ‎medieval‬ appearance: between ‪‎walls‬ and ‪defensive‬ ‪towers‬ the ‪time‬ has stood still for centuries.

The village itself has many things to offer, starting with the beautiful traditional ‪Saxon‬ ‪farmhouses‬. Unlike the troubled times of the past, Cincşor is today a peaceful place, where the summer months harmoniously vibrate with the ‪#‎organ‬ music from the church.