Moments of Eternity. Geysers in the Nevada desert, USA

This weird and unearthly landscape could have existed somewhere on Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io. Who can tell if this hostile nighttime eruption of this volcanic geyser took place million or even billion years before now. The red Triffid- and the Lagoon nebula of the Sagittarius constellation within the center of our galaxy radiates in a distance of about 5000 light years. The bright band of the Milky Way seems oddly familiar. It is new moon. We are on Earth, within the desert of Nevada, and indeed a geyser is spouting. Such unearthly landscapes are rare on Earth, but they exist. Maybe this helps to imagine how Earth might have looked like at its very beginning. Heat and sulphur resistant bacteria feed on the boiling water of the geyser. Just like in the beginning of life on Earth.

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